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Meet ElectroTempo, a passionate team of experts who are committed to accelerating transportation electrification with scalable predictive analytics.

We deliver the most authoritative hour-by-hour EV charging demand forecasts at a spatial resolution up to the street block level, backed up with brilliant service to keep you ahead in the ever-changing energy world.

Our story

ElectroTempo was founded as a collaboration between transportation specialist Dr. Ann Xu and energy technology commercialization specialist Patrick Finch. Our shared passion of making the world a better, more sustainable place by reducing emissions brought us together at the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Research Projects Agency - Energy (ARPA-E) program.
During our tenure at ARPA-E, we partnered to build a software platform that harnessed the power of machine learning to track and improve the impact of research funding. At the time, Ann was also directing an R&D program that uses integrated transportation and energy models to identify emission reduction strategies from the transportation sector.
Two things became apparent through that experience:

  1. the only meaningful strategy to decarbonize the transportation sector is through electrification
  2. advanced simulation tools can break down the information barrier to vehicle electrification that stands between the transportation and electric power sectors
So Ann went back to R&D at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, where she created a uniquely scalable toolkit that could utilize transportation data to predict future electric vehicle (EV) demand and project its impact on utility grids, city infrastructure, and overall emissions. She reached back out to Patrick to spin out a new company dedicated solely to ensuring that the transition to electric transport be as quick and efficient as possible. Thus, ElectroTempo was born.
We are now striving to change the world by bringing advanced analytics to bear in identifying where and how much EV charging and grid infrastructure is needed to empower an electric future.

Our vision

To be the analytic backbone of strategic planning & impact accounting for EV investment.

Our mission

To create the e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate EV deployment for a clean, just and prosperous future.

Our vision

To be the analytic backbone of strategic planning & impact accounting for EV investment.

Our mission

To create the e-mobility ecosystem to accelerate EV deployment for a clean, just and prosperous future.

Our core values


We take risks, always willing to ask questions and challenge the status quo.


We believe we are all responsible and accountable for our actions. We commit to being honest with ourselves, partners, customers and peers.


We strive to understand the ‘why’ behind the task at hand, setting out clear goals to ensure we remain focused.


At the heart of ElectroTempo are people, and we always want to treat each other well. Our team are positive-first people, prioritizing the needs of the team above the individual, and adhering to a clear Standards of Conduct policy to avoid ambiguity.

We're here to serve you with industry-leading experience

ElectroTempo | Ann Xu - Co-Founder & CEO

Ann Xu

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Nationally recognized expert in transportation, energy & emissions
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ElectroTempo | Ann Xu - Co-Founder & CEO
ElectroTempo | Pat Finch - Co-Founder & Board Director

Patrick Finch

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer
Emerging Tech commercialization specialist with deep experience in the Cleantech sector through his work with the U.S. Department of Energy, State Governments and Utilities.
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ElectroTempo | CTO

Suresh Rajagopalan

Chief Technology Officer
Established cloud, data, & analytics leader with 25+ years of experience. Extensive experience in cloud-based solutions, automation, database technologies, and DevOps pipelines.
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ElectroTempo | CTO
ElectroTempo | Nick Silvestri, Lead Developer

Nick Silvestri

Lead Developer
A talented computer scientist, applying prior experience in commercial satellite software development to vehicle electrification.
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ElectroTempo | Helena Caswell, Data Scientist

Helena Caswell

Data Scientist
A data scientist with an environmental consulting background, designing and implementing algorithms to predict demand and optimize EV charger placement for fleets, cities, and utilities.
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ElectroTempo | Hao Zhang, CTO Advisor

Hao Zhang

Lead Developer
Senior Director of Engineering at Meta. Built, hired and led organizations of 900+ members delivering end-to-end ad products and core machine learning technologies.
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ElectroTempo | Huu Nguyen - IP & Partnership Advisor

Huu Nguyen

IP & Partnership Advisor
15+ years of experience practicing patent and corporate law. A seasoned computer scientist and entrepreneur.
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ElectroTempo | John Hall - Public Affairs Advisor

John Hall

Public Affairs Advisor
15+ years of public service and 20+ years of consulting on environmental issues. Distinguished expert on legislative strategy.
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