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ElectroTempo Fleet Electrification Services

Fleet Electrification is about more than just vehicles.
ElectroTempo offers cutting-edge advisory services for Fleets and Property Owners to determine what kind of electrification strategy is right for them, allowing them to right-size their equipment and infrastructure, and streamline interactions with utility companies.
Our advanced algorithms have the ability to assess the electrification feasibility over the fleet’s current operations and optimise its operational schedules. The goal is to reduce capital payback time, minimize operational costs, and increase efficiency for our customers.
Assess the electrification feasibility of your current operations.
Track your total emissions benefits.
Reduce capital payback and minimize operational costs.

Advancing the electrification of your fleet*

Reduction in feasibility assessment time.
Reduction in electric vehicle payback period.
Reduction in electricity costs for charging.
*Based on calculated values from U.S. Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office 2022 study. Click here for more details.
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The Benefits of ElectroTempo Advisory Services

ElectroTempo’s fleet electrification services are designed to address key challenges facing fleet managers - from route assessment, to charging infrastructure, to economic feasibility.

Participating in ElectroTempo's Industry Advisory Board is free, and gets participants early insights into the following questions:

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